We're Back!

It's been quite a long time since we wrote a blog post.. Lots of things have changed in the last few years within the industry, our lives, the world (hello 2020 and shut downs) so pretty much everything. For awhile it seemed like instagram and strictly photos were all that mattered so we focused on that and said goodbye to writing weekly posts about fashion, life, the stores, trends and everything in between. But with everyone at home and more time it seems to appreciate the small things bringing back our blog now feels right. We love having an outlet to let our creative juices flow and this will be that place. Expect a little bit of everything.. well probably a lot of photos of baby hunter sprinkled throughout because we all just can't get enough of him.
if you are new here, let me introduce myself! I am Paige the owner and founder of 1 Happy Girl Boutique. I started this business as a wild dream for an 18 year old out of her parents guest room closet at the end of senior year of high school. Since then I have opened 4 stores, run the online business and made some amazing friends that started as customers through the years. Right now we have our online store WWW.1HAPPYGIRL.COM and two locations Our New Lenox Store and Our First Location In Lemont! It all started back in 2008, hard to believe everything that has happened since then. I am now 30.. well 31 in a week but holding onto 30 for a few more days. Have the cutest and sweetest little boy named Hunter who is nine months old and the light of everyones life. My mother Dawn still works and runs the stores with me, I couldn't have accomplished half of what I have without her by my side. And if you shop the New Lenox store then you have met Natalee, She's our other half that keeps the wheels running and has become like family to us!  I love fashion, have since I was a little girl, love helping people find that special outfit for all walks of life. Whether it's your babyshower, a first date, lunch with the girls or just a lounge around set I love being the person who helped you pick that out and made it a good memory because you loved your outfit. Love interior design and decorating the stores for every season. Also a huge fan of a good charcuterie board so you will probably see a few examples of that here. Despite the world changing lately we have tried to stay that constant in your life at 1HG, so here's to a new start and an old favorite our blog at 1 Happy Girl! 
Thanks for coming along for the ride with us these last 14 years.

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