Feather Fans Donna Michelle Tunic

We seriously can’t get enough peacock around here. Our latest addition to the Mumu fam is our fancy little Feather Fans. She’s so dynamic, you can mix things up with gold and silver or pewter and bronze. With her jewel tones she’s super sophisticated and ready to fall into whatever life has instore for her!

Donna Michelle is our idol. She is constantly winning over the crowd at her glam dinner parties. With Balloon sleeves meant for scrunching, and a flowy bodice meant for spinning, Donna swirls and twirls around the socialites and dancers in her extravagant jewels. The party don't stop until Donna Michelle leaves the dance floor. Pair her with tights, flare jeans, or bare legs when you feel like a mini. Ohhh Donna you just don't get it do you... everyone in the world envies you.

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